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Zappa spielt für Bach
Frank Out!

feat. Robert Martin and Albert Wing

Frank Out!: Thomas Jung - Keys, Vocals . Kai Rothfuchs - Guitar, Vocals . Harry Seibel - Vocals . George Rademacher - Guitar . Jürgen Kocher - Bass . Dieter Steinmann - Drums . Robert Martin - Keys, Vocals . Albert Wing - Sax . Siglinde Koch-Sembdner - Harp . Uwe Warschkow - Harmonica

Tracks: Zoot Allures . Society Pages/Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy . Trouble Every Day/Zomby Woof . What's New in Baltimore? . Arioso, F Major . Siciliano, E flat Major . Devil Dance . Peaches en Regalia . Yo Mama/Welcome To The United States . Love Of My life . Whippin' Post

Price: £4.00

Recording of a concert performed in Hamburg in 2015 featuring music by Zappa, Bach, Robert Martin and Gregg Allman. Frank Out are from Germany and include former members of the Sheik Yerbouti Band.

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