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Frank Zappa
In His Own Words DVD

A collection of 90 minutes of video interviews. Predictably there's no listing information supplied.

Running Time 106 minutes (main feature)

Format: NTSC only All regions

Price: £10.00

Frank Zappa
Masked Turnip Cyclophony

Twenty five songs from the Paul Buff PAL studio tapes on a single CD.
All these are on the 5CD Paul Buff set (see below).

Breaktime-The Masters
High Steppin'-Pal Studio Band
The World's Greatest Sinner-Baby Ray & The Ferns
How's Your Bird?-Baby Ray & The Ferns
Cookin' Turnips-Pal Studio Band
Memories Of El Monte-Penguins
Waltz-Pal Studio Band
Sun Dog-Pal Studio Band
Smoky Night-Pal Studio Band
Can't Stand Up-Pal Studio Band
Dear Jeepers-Bob Guy
Letter From Jeepers-Bob Guy
Every Time I See You-Heartbreakers
Love Of My Life-Pal Studio Band
Masked Grandma-Pal Studio Band
The Big Surfer-Brian Lord & The Midnighters
Hey Nelda-Ned & Nelda
Surf Along With Ned & Nelda-Ned & Nelda
Grunion Run-Hollywood Persuaders
Mr Clean-Mr Clean
Why Don't You Do Me Right-Pal Studio Band
I'm Losing Status At The High School-Pal Studio Band & Allison Buff
Hurricane-Conrad & The Hurricane Strings
The Sahara Hop-Woody Waggers
Cyclophony-Frank Zappa & Steve Allen

Price: £12.50

Frank Zappa
Freak Jazz, Movie Madness And Another Mothers DVD

Another documentary film, this time focussing on 1970-71. The film contains archive footage and interviews with George Duke, Aynsley Dunbar, Don Preston, Jeff Simmons, Mark Volman, Max Bennett, Sal Marquez and Ian Underwood plus contributions from 200 Motels director Tony Palmer and authors Ben Watson, Billy James and Mark Paytress.

Running Time 157 minutes (main feature)

Format: NTSC only All regions

Price: £14.00

Frank Zappa
The Lost Broadcasts DVD

This DVD contains an interview Frank filmed for Radio Bremen in June 1970. It contains both the full interview and the edited version which was broadcast in August 1970 and again in December 1970.

Running Time: Main Interview 86 minutes
                          Edited Interview 7:58 minutes (with German subtitles)

Format: NTSC only All regions

Price: £12.50




5 CDs • 156 tracks (58 with Frank Zappa contributions) • 40-page color booklet •
Reproductions of original 45 RPM labels • Many tracks making their CD debuts

Track Listing:

DISC 1 - 1) THE MASTERS: Breaktime • 2) JOHNNY BARAKAT AND THE VESTELLS: (Ghost) Riders In The Sky • 3) CONRAD AND THE HURRICANE STRINGS: Hurricane • 4) DINO DUPREE: Ambrosial • 5) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Upside Down World (Stereo Mix) • 6) THE WOODY WAGGERS: The Sahara Hop • 7) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Drums A-Go-Go (Stereo Mix) • 8) THE GENTEELS: Take It Off • 9) THE HEARTBREAKERS: Everytime I See You • 10) THE RHYTHM SURFERS: Big City Surfer • 11) SONNY WILSON: Troubled Times • 12) THE BONGO TEENS: Baja Bongos (Stereo Mix) • 13) THE DECADES: Louie De Loop • 14) THE PENGUINS: Memories Of El Monte (Stereo Mix) • 15) MR. CLEAN: Mr. Clean • 16) THE TRUANTS: The Truant • 17) BABY RAY AND THE FERNS: The World's Greatest Sinner • 18) PAUL BUFF: Blind Man's Buff • 19) THE THUNDERMUGS: Mr. Z's Backyard • 20) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Walkin' Out • 21) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Sunshine Girl (Stereo Mix) • 22) THE BONGO TEENS: Baja Rhythm • 23) BOBBY RAY: Three Months • 24) THEE SIXPENCE: Fortune Teller • 25) THE BISCAINES: Pachuko Hop • 26) THE DECADES: The Phantom Strikes Back • 27) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Can't Stand Up • 28) FRANK ZAPPA AND STEVE ALLEN: Cyclophony

DISC 2 - 1) CITY LIMITS: Dirty Ways • 2) PAUL BUFF: Cause I Love You • 3) THE PAL STUDIO BAND/ ALLISON BUFF: I'm Losing Status At The High School • 4) THE MASTERS (RONNIE, JOHNNIE AND PAUL): T Bone • 5) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Never On Sunday (1961 Version) • 6) SONNY WILSON: Lonely Nights • 7) THE BISCAINES: Menagerie • 8) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Masked Grandma • 9) THE MASTERS: Under The Earth • 10) RENÉ AND RAY: Queen Of My Heart • 11) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: •Tijuana (Single Mix) • 12) BRIAN LORD AND THE MIDNIGHTERS: The Big Surfer • 13) NED & NELDA: Hey Nelda • 14) JOHNNY FISHER: Tell Me Yes • 15) MR. CLEAN: Jessie Lee • 16) PAUL BUFF & RAY COLLINS: Deserie • 17) CITY LIMITS: One Look • 18) THE DECADES: Lonely Drummer • 19) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Fuzz Instrumental (Stereo Mix) • 20) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Sunset Strip (Stereo LP Version) • 21) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Why Don't You Do Me Right? (Demo) • 22) THE ROTATIONS: The Cruncher • 23) THE VELVETEENS: Dog Patch Creeper • 24) THE RHYTHM SURFERS: 502 (Like Getting Pinched On A 502) • 25) THEE SIXPENCE: Heart Full Of Rain • 26) BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Mr. Waters (The Judge) • 27) SHAPES OF SOUND: In Too Deep (Stereo Remix) • 28) THE CORDELLS: I Love How You Love Me • 29) HUNGER!: Workshop (All-American LP Version - Edit) • 30) BOB GUY: Dear Jeepers

DISC 3 - 1) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' • 2) THE PHAROS: Pintor • 3) THE BISCAINES: Blue Skies • 4) THE TRACERS: Who Do You Love • 5) BABY RAY AND THE FERNS: How's Your Bird • 6) BOBBY RAY AND THE GENTS: Make You Feel Like Livin' • 7) SONNY WILSON: I Ain't Giving Up Nothin' • 8) CONRAD AND THE HURRICANE STRINGS: Sweet Love • 9) THE HEARTBREAKERS: Cradle Rock • 10) DINO DUPREE: Little Princess • 11) PAUL BUFF: Slow Bird • 12) THE MASTERS: Toothpick Boogie (Stereo Mix) • 13) JOHNNY BARAKAT AND THE VESTELLS: Jezebel • 14) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Go-Go Music • 15) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Cookin' Turnips • 16) THE MASTERS: Sixteen Tons • 17) RON ROMAN: Love Of My Life • 18) THE BONGO TEENS: Surfin' Bongos (Stereo Mix) • 19) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Waltz • 20) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Summer Avenue • 21) THE FRIENDLY TORPEDOES: Citizen Fear (Final Mono Master) • 22) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Grunion Run (Stereo Mix) • 23) THE TRACERS: One Of The Crowd • 24) SHAPES OF SOUND: Twisted Conversation (Single Mix) • 25) STRAWBERRY SAC (aka CRYSTAL CIRCUS): In Relation (LP Mix) • 26) THE THUNDERMUGS: Captain Midnight • 27) FAT DADDY HOLMES: Where Yo Is • 28) HUNGER!: She Let Him Continue • 29) THE DECADES: Dance Forever More • 30) FRANK AND THE WOODY WAGGERS: Three Guns • 31) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Original Sound Tag • 32) BOB GUY: Letter From Jeepers

DISC 4 - 1) THE MUSIC MACHINE: Mother Nature - Father Earth • 2) ARTY & THE SUPREMES: Hombre (First Single Version) • 3) JOHNNY FORTUNE: I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me) • 4) BOBBY RAY AND THE GENTS: My Brother • 5) MR. CLEAN: Mr. Clean (Alternate Mix) • 6) THE MASTERS: Rolling Blues • 7) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Love Of My Life (Piano/Bass Intro) • 8) THE PENGUINS: Memories Of El Monte (Single Mix) • 9) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Hollywood A-Go-Go (Stereo Mix) • 10) THEE SIXPENCE: In The Building • 11) FAT DADDY HOLMES: Chicken Rock • 12) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Any Way The Wind Blows • 13) MEL MOSS: Zing Zoing • 14) THE BONGO TEENS: Blue Skies (Stereo Mix) • 15) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Love Of My Life (Original Version) • 16) PAUL BUFF: She's Got A 60 Cycle Brain (Single Version) • 17) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Sun Dog • 18) BUDDY AND THE CRICKETS: It's Gonna Work Out Fine • 19) THE FRIENDLY TORPEDOES: Nothing's Too Good For My Car (Stereo Mix) • 20) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Grunion Run (Single Mix) • 21) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION WITH BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Studio 'A' (Version 8) (Stereo Mix) • 22) RICKY DEAN: Flowers (Stereo Single Mix) • 23) SONNY WILSON: My Proudest Possession (Demo Version) • 24) THE ROTATIONS: Heavies • 25) THE RHYTHM SURFERS (THE PHAROS): Steel Wheels • 26) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Cucamonga Surf • 27) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: North Beach (Stereo Mix) • 28) SHAPES OF SOUND: Lost Weekend • 29) THE THUNDERMUGS: Motion Tree • 30) BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Egocentric Solitude (LP Mix) • 31) STRAWBERRY SAC (aka CRYSTAL CIRCUS): Things We Do (The Difference Between) • 32) HUNGER!: Mind Machine (All-American LP Version) • 33) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: WXDT Jingle (Mix 2) • 34) THE ROTATIONS: Like Surf (Fragment)

DISC 5 - 1) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Stereo Mix) • 2) BUDDY AND THE CRICKETS: Jezebel • 3) THE CORDELLS: Happy Time • 4) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Straight Ahead • 5) NED & NELDA: Surf Along With Ned & Nelda • 6) JOHNNY FORTUNE: The Battle Of Jericho (Take 2) • 7) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Love Of My Life (Alternate Version) • 8) SONNY WILSON: True Love • 9) THEE SIXPENCE: Long Day's Care • 10) SHAPES OF SOUND: Is It Love (Stereo Mix) • 11) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Sun Dog (Alternate Take) • 12) INDESCRIBABLY DELICIOUS: Brother, Where Are You (Single Version - Stereo Remix) • 13) BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Prevalent Visionaries (LP Mix) • 14) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: The Land Of In-Between • 15) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Why Don't You Do Me Right? (Alternate Demo) • 16) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Smoky Night • 17) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Fountain Of Love • 18) PAUL CONRAD (PAUL BUFF): Chocolate Milk • 19) THE MASTERS (RONNIE, JOHNNIE AND PAUL): Sunday Blues • 20) THE THUNDERMUGS: Rooms Of Laughter • 21) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Chains • 22) RONNIE AND THE CASUALS: One Degree South • 23) LARRY GEE: Cruisin' Mainstreet USA • 24) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Grunion Run (Alternate Mono Mix) • 25) RICKY DEAN: I'll Never Love Another (Stereo Single Mix) • 26) BIG BROTHER FEATURING ERNIE JOSEPH: Heart Full Of Rain (Stereo Mix) • 27) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Cucamonga Surf (Alternate Take) • 28) THE FRIENDLY TORPEDOES: So Long Ago (Stereo Mix) • 29) GIANT CRAB: E.S.P. (First Single Version - Stereo Mix) • 30) ART NOUVEAUX: Extra-Terrestrial Visitations • 31) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: High Steppin' • 32) THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Never On Sunday (1963 Version)

Price: £30.00

Frank Zappa
From Straight To Bizarre DVD

A documentary on the Bizarre and Straight record labels set up by Frank and Herb Cohen in 1968. The film contains exclusive interviews with Pamela Des Barres, John French, Jerry Lawson, Jeff Simmons, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Essra Mohawk, Miss Mercy, Kim Fowley and Bill Harkleroad plus contributions from authors Ben Watson, Barry Miles, Mark Paytress, Billy James and Ritchie Unterberger. And, of course, there's lots of archive footage as well.

Running Time 161 minutes (main feature)

Format: NTSC only All regions

Price: £14.00

Frank Zappa's Classical Selection
Richard Wagner - The Ride Of The Valkyries 5:49
Igor Stravinsky - 'Spring Rounds' From The Rite Of Spring 3:07
Anton Webern - Bagatelle Opus 9 1:15
Igor Stravinsky - 'Royal March' From A Soldiers Tale 2:38
Gustav Hoist - 'Jupiter'From The Planets 6:59
Edgard Varese - Hyperprism 4:22
George Antheil - Ballet Mecanique 9:09
Maurice Ravel - Bolero 16:08
Arnold Schoenberg - Begleitungsmusik Zu Finer Lichtspielszene Opus 34 7:59
Silvestre Revueltas - Sensemaya 6:00
John Cage - 4.33 4:36
Conlon Nancarrow - Study No 11 3:32
Pierre Boulez - First Movement (L'artisanat Furieux) Of Le Marteau Sans Maitre 1:29
Harry Partch - US Highball Part 1 7:47
Harry Partch - US Highball Part 2 9:05
Luigi Nono - Il Canto Sospeso (The Suspended Song) 9:47
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte Part 1 8:14
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakt Part 2 9:08
Olivier Messiaen - Chronochromie Part 1 7:45
Olivier Messiaen - Chronochromie Part 2 8:05
Krzysztof Penderecki - Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima 9:45
Bulent Arel - Electronic Music No 1 10:07

Price: £11.00

A 2 CD collection of some of the classical music that informed and inspired Zappa.
The booklet notes (by Derek Barker) set the music in context and detail the Zappa connections.

Frank Zappa's Jukebox

Tracklist: 1. The Robins Riot In Cell Block No. 9 3:02 2. Richard Berry Louie Louie 2:11 3. Hank Ballard and the Midnighters Work With Me Annie 2:45 4. Edgard Varese lonisation 5:35 5. Lightnin' Slim My Starter Won't Work 2:51 6. Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Okie Dokie Stomp 2:30 7. Don & Dewey Leavin' It All Up To You 2:15 8. Howlin' Wolf I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) 2:50 9. The Channels The Closer You Are 3:04 10. The Clovers Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash 2:56 11. Muddy Waters Louisiana Blues 2:54 12. Cecil Taylor Song 5:20 13. Andre Williams Bacon Fat 3:06 14. The Chips Rubber Biscuit 2:07 15. Anton Webern Bagatelle (opus 9) conducted by Robert Craft 1:32 16. Anton Webern Symphony (opus 21) conducted by Robert Craft; 2:32 17. Four Deuces W-P-L-J 2:46 18. The Turbans No No Cherry 2:35 19. Eric Dolphy Out There 6:56 20. Guitar Slim The Story Of My Life 3:00 21. Johnny "Guitar" Watson Three Hours Past Midnight 3:23 22. Little Richard Directly From My Heart 2:55 23. The Cadets Stranded In The Jungle 3:05 24. Igor Stravinsky Rite Of Spring (extract) conducted by Pierre Monteux 1:35 25. Igor Stravinsky Rite Of Spring (extract) conducted by Pierre Monteux 1:14 26. Tony Allen Nite Owl 2:45

Price: £10.00

Subtitled “The Songs That Inspired The Man”
this compilation gathers 26 tracks referenced by FZ. The accompanying 16 page booklet gives all the references and recording details.

Frank Zappa
The Freak-Out List

This documentary takes its starting point from the list of influences cited by Frank on the cover of Freak Out and traces the lineage from the most pivotal names thereon to the recordings and performances of the man himself. Featuring rare footage of Zappa and the Mothers plus archive film of Freak Out List artists, exclusive interviews with The Mothers Of Invention's lan Underwood, Don Preston and George Duke, 1950s Doo Wop legends, The Cadillacs, contributions from Zappa biographers Ben Watson and Greg Russo, Edgar Varese biographer Alan Clayson, experimental modern music historian Professor David Nicholls, soul and R'n'B expert Robert Pruter and many others.

Running Time 88 minutes (main feature)

Format: PAL only All regions

Price: £15.00

Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention
In The 1960s

A documentary DVD on the history of the early Mothers. The story is told by Jimmy Carl Black, Bunk Gardner, Don Preston and Art Tripp with contributions from Kim Fowley, biographer Billy James, Zappa academic Ben Watson,music journalist Richie Unterberger and writer and musician Alan Clayson (biographer of Edgar Varèse).
As well as talking heads, the film features clips of Frank and The Mothers from the 1960s, archive interviews and other appearances including a clip of FZ’s appearance on the Steve Allen show.

Running Time 134 minutes

Format: PAL only All regions

Price: £14.00

A German reissue of the Del-Fi compilation of Frank Zappa's pre-Mothers recordings.
The 8-page booklet contains plenty of historical text and a couple of pictures.

Songs/Artists: Dear Jeepers (Bob Guy), The World's Greatest Sinner (Baby Ray & The Ferns), How's Your Bird? (Baby Ray & The Ferns), Every Time I See You (The Heartbreakers), Cradle Rock (The Heartbreakers), Slow Bird (Paul Buff), Blind Man's Buff (Paul Buff), Mr Clean (Mr. Clean), Jesse Lee (Mr. Clean), Cathy My Angel (The Pauls), 'Til September (The Pauls), Heavies (The Rotations), The Cruncher (The Rotations), Letter From Jeepers (Bob Guy), Memories of El Monte (The Penguins).

Price: £14.00

How's Your Bird?
10" (Coloured Vinyl)

Tracklist: Dear Jeepers (Bob Guy) . The World's Greatest Sinner, How's Your Bird? (Baby Ray & The Ferns) . Every Time I See You, Cradle Rock (The Heartbreakers) . Slow Bird, Blind Man's Buff (Paul Buff) . Cathy My Angel, 'Til September (The Pauls) . Letter From Jeepers (Bob Guy)

Please Note: This has been issued in five colours (Red, Blue, Orange, Green & Clear). We currently have clear versions as this was the last colour used.

Price: £14.00


The Doo Wop Box I
A 4 CD box set containing 101 Vocal Group Gems - almost 4 hours of music spanning the years 1951 to 1963. Of particular interest to Zappa fans is the inclusion of original of "The Closer You Are" by The Channels - covered on Them Or Us.
Deluxe box set package includes definitive essays and track by track information.

Price: £63.00 

An Evening With Wild Man Fischer

A double CD reissue of his 1968 album.


Price: £14.00

Derailroaded DVD
Inside the mind of Larry "Wild Man" Fischer

"A shocking and sensitive journey through the thunderstorms of a paranoid-schizophrenic mind, Derailroaded follows Larry "Wild Man" Fischer's encounters in the music business after his discovery by FZ. The film traces Fischer's life from neglected child to troubled genius through archival footage and personal interviews with family, friends and music industry figures including Frank Zappa, Gail Zappa, Wierd Al Yankovic, Devo's Mark Motherbaugh, Solomon Burke and Dr Demento.

Mojo gave this film a five star rating in their review.

Running Time 86 minutes plus 49 minutes bonus footage

Format: NTSC only All regions

Price: £18.50

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