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Steve Vai
Real Illusions: Reflections

Building The Church . Dying For Your Love . Glorious . K'm-Pee-Du-Wee . Firewall . Freak Show Excess . Lotus Feet . Yai Yai . Midway Creatures . I'm Your Secrets . Under It All
Billy Sheehan - Bass.
Jeremy Colson - Drums.
Steve Vai - Everything Else (nearly).


UK £13.00. .
Europe . . £16.05 . . Rest £14.65

"Real Illusions: Reflections is the first part of a multilayered menagerie of vignettes based on the amplified mental exaggerations of a truth-seeking madman who sees the world...Oh, never mind."
Steve Vai liner notes

Steve Vai


1.Shyboy 2. Giant Balls of Gold 3. Erotic Nightmares 4. Blood & Glory 5.Dave's Party Piece 6. Blue Powder 7. Crying Machine 8. The Animals 9. Bangkok 10. Tony's Solo 11. Bad Horsie 12. Chameleon 13. Down Deep Into the Pain 14. Fire 15. Little Wing 16. Whispering a Prayer 17. Incantation 18. Jibboom 19. For the Love of God 20. Liberty 21. The Attitude Song

UK £10.00. . Europe . . £13.05 . . Rest £12.15


2 disc DVD set Special bonus features inc 5.1 Mix, Backstage Footage, Interviews. Commentary Track by Steve and the band, Band bios, Steve's discography Filmed at the Astoria in London December 6 & 7 2001 This is the first ever-live solo DVD from Steve Vai. Some of the songs featured on the 2.5 hour concert are being performed live for the very first time. The band include Billy Sheehan (bass) Tony MacAlpine (guitar & keyboard) Dave Weiner (guitar) and Virgil Donati (drums) Steve Vai continues to expand the horizons of modern music.

Steve Vai
Alien Love Secrets

Contains transcriptions, notes and tablature for all 7 songs on the album, plus some pictures of Steve!

Songs are: Bad Horsie, Juice, Die To Live, The Boy From Seattle, Ya-Yo Gakk, Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters & Tender Surrender

UK: £10.00 .. Europe: £13.10... Rest: £16.25

Fire Garden

Steve Vai
Fire Garden

Featuring: Steve Vai: Guitars, Vocals . Deen Castronovo, Greg Bissonette (both played with Joe Satriani), Chris Frazier, Mike Mangini: Drums . Stu Hamm: (played with Satriani) and John Avila: Bass

UK £10.00 . . Europe £13.00 . . Rest £12.15

Steve Vai
Sex & Religion

Featuring: Steve Vai: Guitars, Vocals . Devin Townsend: Vocals . T.M. Stephens: Bass . Terry Bozzio: Drums

UK £10.00. . Europe . . £13.05 . . Rest £12.15

Plus others, including Terry Bozzio

Steve Vai

Passion & Warfare
Size: 59cm x 42cm (23" x 16.5")
Sex & Religion Size: 87cm x 58cm (34.5" x 23")

We have a few of these colour posters left. Please note that 'Passion & Warfare' is folded twice. However, despite these slight marks, they are still fine and, if framed, the folds will hardly show.


UK: £5.00 .. Europe: £5.65... Rest: £5.90

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