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Nolan Porter
No Apologies/Nolan

Tracks :Iron Out The Rough Spots . Let's Burn Down the Cornfield . What Would You Do If I Did That To You . Gwendolyn . The Fifth One . Travelin' Song . Somebody's Gone (Mix #1) . Don't Make Me Color My Black Face Blue . Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum . Somebody's Cryin' . I Like What You Give . Groovin' (Out On Life) . Somebody's Gone (Mix #2) . Work It Out In The Morning . Oh Baby . If I Could Only Be Sure . Crazy Love . Singer Man . Let's Burn Down the Cornfield (remix) . Keep On Keeping On . Only A Thought Away . Bird Without A Song (1980 version) . Alive


Price: £2.00

Reissue of Nolan's two CDs from 1970 and 1972 plus three bonus tracks. Backing musicians on the first album were Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada, Lowell George, Bill Payne & Richie Hayward. The second album has the Northern Soul hit "If I Could Only Be Sure" with Johnny Guitar Watson on guitar.

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