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Michael Kieran Harvey
48 Fugues for Frank

#1 (Greggery Peccary, Pentagon Afternoon)
#2 (The Girl In The Magnesium Dress) .
#3 (Jazz From Hell) .
#4 (Tink Runs Amok) .
#5 (Civilization Phaze III)
#6 (G-Spot Tornado)
#7 (St Etienne guitar solo)
#8 (Ruth Is Sleeping)
#9 (The Black Page)
#10 (Baby Snakes)

Price: £4.00

A musical homage to the life and work of Frank Zappa composed and performed by Michael Kieran Harvey.
"Each of these ten pieces uses four or five ideas inspired by, reacting to or developing some of Zappa's signature techniques. The conceit of using the number 48 in the title, which refers to the great contrapuntal cycle of JS Bach, is a playful dig at Zappa's professed antipathy to counterpoint, though the use here of strict fugue form is completely arbitrary."

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