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Jon Larsen
The Jimmy Carl Black Story

Tracks: En Route . Hi Boys And Girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black . An Early Glimpse Of Planet Ruth . Spaceship Bigear III . Turn It On, Elliot . A Helping Hand From Unca Mickey . Opal, You Hot Little Bitch . Jimmy Carl Black's Dachs Reduction . Mayday From Space . First Encounter In Space With A Real Martian . Oh No, She's Trying To Rip My Spacesuit Open . A Creature Is Lurking In The Shadow . Jimmy-As-A-Ghost

Price: £4.00

Part two of the trilogy. CD One is a mixture of music and spoken interludes from Jimmy Carl Black. The music was written by Jon Larsen and is played by some excellent Norwegian jazz musicians with guest appearances by Tommy Mars.
CD Two ("the rockumentary") is 80 minutes of Jimmy telling his life story.

Jon Larsen
Strange News From Mars

Tracks: Goodbye To Earth . The Eons Are Closing . Mutant Fromage . Dachs Reduction . A Windy Day On Mars . Air Sculpting In Vacuum . Strange News From Mars . Cydonian Music . Mars Under The Radar . Cinderella On The Event Horizon Of A Black Hole . The Quilt . The Secret Word For Today . Conceptual Continuity On The Red Planet . Norwegisher Schweinhund . Capt. Zurcon's Cranberry Cocktail . Unwanted Sexual Attention In Space . Optional Entertainment In Zero Gravitation . Tax The Churches . Music Is The Best

Price: £4.00 

STRANGE NEWS FROM MARS is the amazing reunion of Frank Zappa alumni Tommy Mars (keyboards), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Jimmy Carl Black (vocal) and Arthur Barrow (magic & bass) together with Hot Club guitarist Jon Larsen. Written as a surrealistic expedition to Mars, the music is clearly inspired by Zappa, but with more jazzy solos.
Part one of a trilogy.

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