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Sons Of Mr Green Genes

1. The Kettering Vampires
Acton Zappa
3. Inventionis Mater feat. Nazareno Caputo
4. Caballero Reynaldo & The Grand Kazoo
5. Fred Händl feat. Mark Watson
HRH and THE CM Ensemble
Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra
8. Hans Annellsson
9. The MuffinMen
10. Tante Tofu
The Spanner Big Band

12. Evil Dick feat. Dave Jackson
13. Fuchsprellen
14. String Trash
15. The Todd Grubbs Group

UK £11.00. . Europe £13.05 . . Rest £11.65

Frank Zappa's Son Of Mr Green Genes performed by fifteen different bands/artists.
Conceived, co-ordinated and compiled by Andrew Greenaway.



Weasels Re-Ripped

Track -

1.Didja Get Any Onya
Spanner Jazz Punks
2.Directly From My Heart To You -
Spanner Jazz Punks
3. Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask
Inventionis Mater
4. Toads Of The Short Forest
Gumbo Variation
5. Get A Little
Jerry Outlaw & Friends featuring Todd Grubb
The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue -
Evil Dick
Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula -
8. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
The Muffinmen
Oh No! -
10. The Orange County Lumber Truck
Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra
Weasels Ripped My Flesh -

UK £11.00. . Europe £13.05 . . Rest £11.65

Weasels Ripped My Flesh re-imagined by ten different bands.
Conceived, co-ordinated, compiled by Andrew Greenaway.



Rare Episodes
Frank Zappa's Unmined Nuggets

Track -
1. Variant #1
Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra
Falling In Love Is A Stupid Habit -
The Vegetarians
Bognor Regis -
Jerry Outlaw & Friends
Ralph Stuffs His Shoes -
The Todd Grubbs Group
5. Mice -
Evil Dick

Portuguese Lunar Landing -
Mo's Vacation -
Marc Atkinson
Clowns On Velvet -
Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra
Little Dots -
Gumbo Variation
10. Rollo -
Chato Segerer

Brutality -
Neither Beasts, Nor Gods
Velvet Sunrise -
Spanner Jazz Punks
We Are Not Alone -

UK £10.00. . Europe £12.00 . . Rest £10.65

A CD of thirteen Zappa compositions that he either didn’t record, didn’t release or, if he did, he changed them quite a lot first, performed by some of the world’s foremost Zappa-influenced bands. Conceived, co-ordinated, compiled by Andrew Greenaway.


On Broadway
Covers Of Invention

Track -
The Closer You Are -
Buzzo feat. Mark Duffield
Theme from the Bartok Piano Concerto #3 -
The Todd Grubbs Group
Sunshine Of Your Love -
Frazknapp Fusion Project 2012
Purple Haze -
I Am The Walrus -
Spanner Jazz Punks
Norwegian Wood - The Vegetarians
Stairway To Heaven - Amaretto Mick Zeuner & Eike Hägen
I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Alan Jenkins Stolen Moments - Chato Segerer & Lukas Kolroß
Murder By Numbers -
oZcar McCuenca feat. Caballero Reynaldo
Godfather Part II Theme/Theme from Bonanza - The Intergalactic Dootchestra
L'Histoire du Soldat-Ring Of Fire-Bolero medley -
Low Budget Research Kitchen
Sunshine Of Your Love - J21
Alegretto from the Bartok Piano Concerto #3 - Martin Herraiz
Dragonmaster -
Acid Queen

UK £10.00. . Europe £12.00 . . Rest £10.65

A disc to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Frank's 1988 Broadway The Hard Way tour.
Featuring cover versions of other people's songs covered on the tour. With liner notes (kinda) by Scott Thunes.


21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches

Track -
Igor's Holiday In The Little House By The Sea -
Hans Annellsson
Burning Of The Sand Witch - Lee Rosevere Radiouverture - DOOT!
Opus One (Little Garage I Used To Live In -
Nigey Lennon
Jimmy's Little Dreamcatcher - Michel Delville
Fried Sausage Butty - DJ Goat
Pink Eazy Meany -
Jimmy Chile - Carl, Fraz & Ed
Fraudulent Free Jazz Extrapolations On White Port and Lemon Deuce -
Evil Dick And The Banned Members
Aybe Sea -
Caballero Reynaldo
Return Of The Son Of The Hunchback Duke - Whip It Out Ensemble
BurEenIch -
In Uniform
The Weenie Zapp - The Frazknapp Fusion Project Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Phaze 21 - J21
Banger Carbonara (Slow-Burn) - Low Budget Research Kitchen
Burnt Weenie Sandwich Remnants -
John Tobacco Variations On Little House - Richard Walshe & The Pboys
Take That Uniform Off, Man!" - Black Bastard Jenkins Holiday Little House - The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi Acoustic Orchestra
Themes From Burnt Weeny Sandwich - The Todd Grubbs Group

UK £12.00. . Europe £15.00 . . Rest £13.75

Twenty "bite-sized snacks" of twenty different artist's interpretations of one album. Compiled by Andrew Greenaway of the IBS website.

The twenty-first sandwich is a downloadable compilation of the other twenty tracks.


20 Extraordinary Renditions of The Idiot Bastard Son

Bands: Die Beistelltische, Jerry Outlaw, The Vegetarians, Oldgreygoat And His Girls, Ensemble Ambrosius, Freedom In Hats, Evil Dick & The Banned Members, The FoolZ, John Tabacco, DOOT!, Nigey Lennon, The FrazKnapp Fusion Project, The Thurston Lava Tube, Project/Object, Pojama People, Bogus Pomp Orchestra, Todd Grubbs Group feat. Bo Smith, The Wrong Object Vs The Friendly Dogs, The Whip It Out Ensemble and Gamma.

UK £12.00. . Europe £14.00 . . Rest £12.45

Twenty versions of one song on an album. Many of these tracks were specially recorded for this project and they're all different! Compiled by Andrew Greenaway of the IBS website.

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