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Hectic Watermelon
The Great American Road Trip

Musicians: John Czajkowski - Guitars . Darren Debree - Drums . Harley Magsino - Electric and Upright Bass . Jerry Goodman - Electric Violin.

Tracks: Sacred Watershed . The Third Derivative of James Brown . Bionic Hillbilly . F Street Fulano . Dreams Of Concrete Jungles . Subterranean rapid Transit . Layover In Hamemet . Stray Dogs Messaging Project . Stevie's Stunt Double . Twenty-first Century Visigoth . Bullets, Dice and 30 Megabytes

UK £5.00 . .Europe £8.05 . . Rest £8.00

Hectic Watermelon describe themselves as a progressive "Post-Zappa Commando-Fusion" action-music band from San Diego-Los Angeles. Their first CD features Jerry Goodman (ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra) on electric violin.

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