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Tributo Italiano a Frank Zappa Vol. 2

Songs/Bands: King Kong/Harmonia Ensemble. Zoot Allure/Apostrophe/T.B.U. Let's Make The Water Turn Black/Harry You're Such A Beast/The Orange County Lumber/Oh No/Theme From Lumpy Gravy/Metropolis Orchestra. Blessed Relief/Sandro Fresi. Help, I'm A Rock/Sleeping In A Jar/Sandro Oliva & The Blue Pampurio's Extravaganza feat. Jimmy Carl Black. RDNZL/Orchestra Spaziale. Road Ladies/Dario Lombardo. Minuetto Grazioso/Little Umbrellas/King Kong/Duo Penazzi-Coen. King Kong Variations/Fast & Bulbous Jelly. Sy Borg/Chiuselunghe. Lucille Had Messed My Mind Up/Left Mule Syndicate. Ay Be Sea/Pierluigi Castellano.

Price: £12.00

A collection of 12 Frank Zappa songs played by various Italian bands.

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