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Evil Dick & The Banned Members
Rock 'n' Random

Tracklist: Biased to Zero . Coloured Dots II . Sensitive Dick . Anchovies in the Icecream (Mega Bass) . Is that Boston Again? . The Scissor Position .
Gastrointestinal Emergencies . Whining Gimp . Montage . Hair Spider Stuck to Sock . Cherry Picking . Radio . No. K.
Sweaty Retard . Binary Sequence III .
Fuckwits in the Biz . Our Instruments are Broken . Unwiderstehlich! . March of the PoMo Toss-pots

Price: £10.00

Features various computer pieces, live recordings, improvisations by the Banned Members, interview outtakes, coloured dots and binary serialism! Very eclectic and random, this CD pushes random music into new areas whilst making absurd pop music at the same time.

Evil Dick & The Banned Members

Tracklist: Little Pink Gibson . Klismaphilia Funk . Bogg-Marsh Boogie . Around The Corner . Zenoonez . Council Wife . What Is It Now? . Doo's . The Hokey Hooker . Get Down/Get Off . Expt In 5:1 . Dun Pressed On . Girl With The Mechanical Neck Movement . Coprophagism

Price: £10.00

The CD that set the ball in motion. The Evil ones debut CD contains songs you LOVE! "Council Wife", "Klismaphilia Funk", "Coprophagism" and many, many more. Readers of The Wire will remember that this was Ben Watson's favourite CD of 1999

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