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Via Zammata

Via Zammata

Tracks: Funky 15 . Rat Race . Dragon Master . Malkovich . On Fire . Nothing . Hummin' . Truth . What  If . Jaws Of Life . Justv The Way She Is . Billionaire's Son

 Price: £14.00

A Dweezil solo album  featuring his own material played by ZPZ musicians.

Return Of The Son Of...
2 CD set

Tracks: The Deathless Horsie . Andy . Magic Fingers . Broken Hearts Are For Assholes . Bamboozled By Love . King Kong . Montana . Inca Roads . The Torture Never Stops . Dirty Love . Zomby Woof . Billy The Mountain . Camarillo Brillo . Pygmy Twylyte

Musicians: Dweezil Zappa, Joe Travers, Scheila Gonzalez, Jamie W Kime, Billy Hulting, Pete Griffin, Ben Thomas, Aaron Arntz and Ray White

 Price: £14.00

A collection of live performances by<hr align="center" width="750"> the Zappa Plays Zappa project. Most songs are taken from shows in Chicago October 2008, with one from New York (Halloweeen 2008) and two from Manchestr 2009.

Go With What You Know
Tracks: Love Ride . Noitpure . Fighty Bitey . CC$ . Preludumus Maximus . Rhythmatist . Thunder Pimp . All Roads Lead To Inca . Electrocoustic Matter . The Grind . Peaches En Regalia . Chunga's Whiskers . Audio Movie

Musicians, Instruments: Dweezil Zappa - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming . Joe Travers - Drums . Blues Saraceno - Guitar . Scott Thunes - Bass . Terry Bozzio - Drums . Pete Griffin - Bass . Aaron Arntz - Keyboards . TJ Helmerich - Guitar . Mark Meadows - Bass . Shuggy Otis - Bass . Frank Zappa - Guitar, Bass . Ian Underwood - Keyboards, Wind Instruments . Ron Selico - Drums

Price: £18.00

Includes one track where Dweezil plays along with Frank (Peaches) but mostly just Dweezil and Joe Travers with guests.

Stayin' Alive
The Return of the Son of Shoogagoogagunga
Also an unreleased LIVE guitar solo (1991) 'You Can't Judge A Girl By The Panties She Wears'

CDEP - Price: £7.00


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