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Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-82

Tracklist: Electronic Music . Analog Heaven #1 . Analog Heaven #2 . Analog Heaven #3 . Analog Heaven #4 . Analog Heaven #5 . Analog Heaven #6 . Analog Heaven #7 . Fred & Me

Price: £4.00

Three of Don's compositions for electronic instruments. Electronic Music was recorded in 1967 at the Garrick Theater in New York.
Analog Heaven was recorded in 1975 and features Don's newly acquired Moog synthesizer.
Fred & Me was recorded in 1982 and features percussionist Fred Stofflet.


Tracklist: I Can't Breathe . How Are You Doing Really? . Relentless Pursuit . Eyes Of The Dead . A Private Lesson . Found Again . Silicone Hump . Not So Cute . The Eye Of Agamoto . See My Aura . Progress . The Milky Way . Mothersolo . Medulla Oblongata . For Love Of Bach . Amsterdam . Un Gawa . Sweet . Takeoff . Aegospotamus . Acid Rain Pelting The Underground . What Should You Do? . Sacrificial Smoke

Price: £3.00

A collection of Don's work from 1965 to the present featuring contributions from various bands:
Raw Milk
The Don & Bunk Show
The Akashic Ensemble
The Grandmothers
Ogo Moto
and four solo piano pieces recorded specially for this release.


Tracklist: Of No Consequence . Opus 5 . Was Black . Found . The Winds Of Change . Primeval #7 . Opening Titles . Ode To Tinguely . The Bride Stripped Bare . Homage To FZ

Price: £4.00

Don Preston's more classically slanted pieces appear on Works. Solo piano pieces, electronic works, film soundtrack excerpts and The Bride Stripped Bare performed live by The California EAR Unit are here. Also included is the 1965 recording Found, an early 4-track composition with Bunk Gardner on flute.


Tracklist: Moon Unit . Immaculate Deception . The Street Urchins . Bannon Call . Horta Babies . Construction In Slow Motion With Sharp Interludes . Trapezoid . Andrea . Loki (The Thrones Of Saturn) . The Eyes Of Agamoto . Aegospotamus . New Age Mumbo Jumbo . The Cherubim . Homage To Tinguley . Silicone Hump . The Street Urchins 2 . The Eternal Question . Palmer Park . Voices From The Past . Death Lights

Price: £3.00

Originally released in 1993, this 2007 reissue covers recordings from 1967 to 2002. This time, Don Preston wanted to include just his own compositions. Eight additional tracks have been included, featuring Loki (The Thrones Of Saturn), whose gong sections were engineered by Frank Zappa, and recordings with Bunk Gardner, The Grandmothers and Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble. Also featured is 15-minute tour de force from 1967-1968, Death Lights.

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