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Bunk Gardner
It's All Bunk
Tracks: Hello! . Colt .45 . The Whistler (First Movement) . Dona . Voices & Dreams (Second Movement) . Bat Mastersons Theme . 3,000,000 BC Cave Man . Basement Theme Downstairs . More Gardner Variations . The Late Show (First Movement) . Mary Jane . Oh God . One For The Girls . String Quartet . Wagon Train . Roaring '20s . Rhapsody In Red (First Movement) . Qualude To Chaos And Fine . Adieu . My Love Has Gone

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The first-ever Bunk Gardner solo album! It's All Bunk! spans Bunk's first sessions with Bud Wattles And His Orchestra (1959) to a live track with The Grandmothers in 1981. In between are post-Mothers improvised recordings done with his late brother Buzz and bassist John Balkin, and melodic pieces with the late Andy Cahan. More than half of these tracks have never been released in any form. In tribute to Buzz Gardner, Buzz's My Love Has Gone is also included.

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