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Bob Harris
The Great Nostalgia

Ageless Love . The Great Nostalgia . Message From The Shore . The Flower . There's Still Hope . Autumn In Nepal . The Blue Gazebo . Nobody Wins In A War . Somewhere Over The Rainbow . Magnet And Iron . White Bird/Ancient Wish . There's Still Hope (Steve Vai remix)

Bob Harris:: Vocals, Keyboards, Trumpet .
Suzannah Harris:
Vocals .
Billy James: Percussion .
Jeremy Barber:
Violin .
Martin Schwartz: Guitar .
Stuart Hamm: Bass .
Steve Vai:
Electric Sitar .
Tommy Mars:

Price: £2.00

Originally released in 1986 and now remastered and reissued with 6 additional tracks, including:
Somewhere Over The Rainbow recorded at Zappanale 13 and White Bird from Thanatopsis.

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