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Lemme Take You To The Beach

Tracks: Introduction - Phil Dirt. Lumpy Gravy - The Spoilers. Let's Make The Water Turn Black - The Atomic Mosquitos. The Orange County Lumber Truck - Fudge. Letter From Jeepers - Estrume'n'tal. Memories of El Monte - The Bitch Boys. Jewish Princess - Sr. Bikini. G-Spot Tornado - The Invisible Birds. Baby Snakes - Don's Mobile Barbers. We Are Not Alone - The Concaves. Zoot Allures - The Foolz. I Ain't Got No Heart - Green Windows. Love Of My Life - The Muffinmates. Anyway The Wind Blows - The Diamondheads. I'm Not Satisfied - The Urban Surf Kings. You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here - The Test Tone Five. Lumpy Gravy - Pavlov's Woody. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance - Corky Niedemayer. AyBe Sea - Breakfastime. Peaches En Regalia - Pollo del Mar. Willie The Pimp - The Vivisectors. Mr Green Genes - The Thurston Lava Tube. King Kong - The Wrong Object. Cruising For Burgers - R. Stevie Moore. The Air - Our Flying Saucer. If We'd All Been Living In California/Lemme Take You To The Beach - Frankie And The Pool Boys.

Price: £3.00 

A twenty seven track compilation of surf instrumental bands performing the music of Frank Zappa.

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